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Wibo Bakker

Wibo Bakker (1974) is a Dutch researcher and educator specializing in design history, information design and education. He also works as a project manager Learning Analytics for the SURF, the Dutch organisation for ICT-driven innovation in higher education. Earlier he was a designer and lecturer for design theory and history at several Dutch and Belgium art colleges and universities. More recently he was part time affiliated with the Research Group Visual Rhetoric of AKV|St. Joost (Avans University of Applied Sciences) in Breda. His latest interests concern information design and pictograms, carrying out research in the Netherlands, France, England, Germany and Japan.

In 2009 Bakker obtained a PhD in design history at Utrecht University for his study of the development of visual identity in the Netherlands. His dissertation was titled 'Droom van Helderheid: huisstijlen, ontwerpbureaus en modernisme in Nederland : 1960-1975' (A Clear Dream : Visual Identity, Design Agencies and Modernism in The Netherlands : 1960-1975) . For this he won the Jan van Gelder-prize of the Dutch Society for Art Historians for the best art historical research for a researcher until 35 years of age (2010). A year later the dissertation was published by 010 Publishers (Rotterdam) as the third volume in the prestigious Prince Bernhard Fund for Culture 'Visual Culture in the Netherlands'-series. A Chinese edition is due to be published.

Bakker started his career studying graphic design at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem (1991-1996). Early on an internship at Pentagram Design (San Francisco) made him aware of national differences in design cultures. After his graduation he worked as an art worker and designer in visual identity design at several Dutch design agencies. While freelancing he continued his studies at Utrecht University (2000-2003), where he obtained a bachelor of humanities and a master degree in cultural history of the modern age with a minor in international corporate communication.